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I run games worth winning, searching out for only the most exciting scenarios and powerful treasures. Are you brave enough to claim them? I do all the behind-the-scenes work so you just have to kick back with a cold drink and play. All from the comforts of home.

Play is simple, using industry leading software that is intuitive to use. Tired of searching for DMs to hire? Rest your feet weary traveler your quest is complete!

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No silly voices, no video chat, NO PRESSURE. We’re here to explore a fantastical new work, slay fell beasts, and get that loot!

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O’ Brave Hero

sword broken in shards


You’ve been waiting for this moment for eons! Are you looking for a new gaming experience? Step into an epic world of collaborative story-telling with newfound friends.

wizard in cart


Let me guide you through your next role-playing game adventure. All experience levels deserve the The Thrill of Adventure. Overcome all challenges!

dungeon master for hire


The world needs heroes. And maybe you’re one. Maybe you’ll be one someday. Hire a professional Dungeon Master (DM) today and embrace your fate.

Go Greek

Epic level 1-20 Greek inspired campaign. Embrace destiny as a divine touched hero


Professionally crafted for you group. Hire a dungeon master and let me know what you’re looking for. We’ll make it happen!

Scarlet Citadel

Once a functional fortress where wizards honed their eldritch craft, now little remains on the surface. Unlock its secrets and delve deeper in this most sinister and deadly place!

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Client testimonials


Most Brave Adventurer

My first Online Gary Convention!
I enjoyed our game quite a bit, I thought our small band of adventurers guided by Bard had fun, even if 2/3rds of us were dead before the end. Hahaha. This was my first ever GaryCon game and so I appreciated your style of DM’in as it provided an enjoyable experience.


The Twice-Drowned

I am enjoying the custom maps and tokens.
Bard runs a really fun game. I DM myself and I joined his game with learning and fun in mind. His story is generally linear to a point with wide potential to meander. Here’s the first potential goal, go for it. I like that. I have only been with the group a few sessions and I can already tell there is a lot to unfold and look forward to it.


Most Wise Wizard

Bard is a great GM; he happily and thoroughly explains rules, has created a unique and engaging environment, does a good job facilitating interactions between players and characters, uses fun and beautiful visuals, and encourages creativity.

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