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Happy Adventurers

Client testimonials


Most Brave Adventurer

My first Online Gary Convention!
I enjoyed our game quite a bit, I thought our small band of adventurers guided by Bard had fun, even if 2/3rds of us were dead before the end. Hahaha. This was my first ever GaryCon game and so I appreciated your style of DM’in as it provided an enjoyable experience.


The Twice-Drowned

I am enjoying the custom maps and tokens.
Bard runs a really fun game. I DM myself and I joined his game with learning and fun in mind. His story is generally linear to a point with wide potential to meander. Here’s the first potential goal, go for it. I like that. I have only been with the group a few sessions and I can already tell there is a lot to unfold and look forward to it.


Most Wise Wizard

Bard is a great GM; he happily and thoroughly explains rules, has created a unique and engaging environment, does a good job facilitating interactions between players and characters, uses fun and beautiful visuals, and encourages creativity.

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